Description of Classes



ages 4 to 8 and 9 to 14

The Ótimo's Kids Program is the perfect way for your child to mature into an adult while learning self-defense. It is also a great way of getting in shape, making friends, and having fun. As both a martial art and contact sport this is a great opportunity for your child to learn how to persevere on the mat so they can persevere in life. Our intention is to create and maintain an environment that focuses on cooperation and learning, over winning. We focus on instilling internal fortitude and harmony, positive work ethic, and a love for the Jiu Jitsu life style. Classes include techniques, physical drills, games, and live training. 


(including beginners)

available to all belt levels

Designed to provide students with a solid foundation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through basic BJJ theory, technique, and principles. Positional sparring and drilling are also core components as they help to develop the student’s muscle memory and physical understanding of the sport.



No belt requirement

Open Mat is a non-instructional class where students may practice the application of technique through independent drilling and timed sparring matches.  Students are encouraged to conceptualize their strengths and weaknesses and to work on internalizing what they learned throughout the week.  Guidance by instructors is available

One-on-One and Small Group Lessons

A class dedicated to individual needs of each student that can lead to a significant improvement in a student's game flow.